Linn County Ghost Towns

ALICE. A post office from 1882 to 1902 in section 5, Spring Grove Township. BABCOCK. Listed in the 1886-1894 U. S. Postal Guide as a post office in Linn County, but location not found. BANNER VALLEY. A post office from 1856 to 1866 near where the present town of Ely is located. BOULDER. A post … Read more

1966: ‘Ghost town’ of Quandahl auctioned for $15,330

Posted on 5 July 2012 by Eric A once-thriving village nestled into the Bear Creek valley, Quandahl’s history followed the path of so many other small country towns in the mid 20th century, except for how it ended: On an early October morning in 1966, the entire village went up for auction. Ladies of Waterloo Ridge … Read more

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